• Image of Turn Poison into Medicine: Self-Compassion and Higher Care

Is the world showing up as chaos and confusion? Are you a healer, activist or doing your purpose aligned work while suffering from compassion fatigue? Is life full of emotional overwhelm?

In this pre-recorded webinar, we dive into our deepest fears and sufferings and with the gift of alchemy, transform those nuggets of darkness into elixirs of healing.

This webinar recording will create space and expand your personal toolbox by:

- Taking a realistic inventory of your current rhythm of life and discover personal areas of improvement;

- Developing goals from a space of abundance and large mind;

- Learning the importance of protecting your energy by every means necessary;

- Exploring how healthy social support systems can show up;
Learning dietary, lifestyle and herbal recommendations to support higher care.

This webinar recording is offered on a sliding scale ($10-$30).

About the Facilitator:

Karen L. Culpepper (she/her/hers) is a Chinese-DEAUS (Descendant of Enslaved Africans in the US) clinical herbalist and licensed massage therapist. She is founder of the MD-based clinical herbal practice, Embracing Rhythm. Karen’s unique herbalist contribution centers on the ways in which the energetics of plant medicine can support deep healing. Her particular focus areas are inter-generational trauma and its impact on physiology and womb restoration. Within the intersection of historical trauma of the African slave trade and womb healing, her study and knowledge of cotton root bark offers a powerful perspective on role of plant spirit healing in the context of political changes and reproductive resistance.