• Image of Creating Healing Spaces in Activist Groups

Do you ever feel burned out? Or like trauma or stress is getting in the way of achieving your activist goals? Do you ever wonder how we’ll maintain ourselves for the marathon that is a true movement for justice?

The video of this pre-recorded webinar will introduce you to individual and group-focused healing tools that will help you to center well-being in the face of challenging times. These tools are offered with activists, organizers and folks working to combat systems of oppression in mind. We believe that if we are all more grounded and clear about how to resources ourselves, our work for justice and liberation will be more effective.

We also introduce ourselves as a new healing collaborative, and share how our healing justice framework operates as our theory of change. Lastly we have a question and answer section with questions from those who participated live.

Along with the webinar video, you'll receive resources created by our collaborative: A primer on the difference between healing and self-care, the benefits of integrating healing into activist groups, common myths about healing in activism, an activity for restorative process after rupture within the group, and suggestions for individual healing practices.

The webinar prerecorded on 7/26/2017 is offered at $10-$30, sliding scale.